Flexible, Nationwide IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Extract maximum value from your end-of-life technology assets with secure, profesional and R2 certified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD).


Your organization makes a significant investment in your technology assets. Those assets may still have value after your company no longer needs them. Altnet’s ITAD services can help you extract maximum value from your assets, which can help bolster your IT budget.

Altnet’s national ITAD practice is automated and easy to use. When we take possession of your equipment, securing your data is our number one priority. Our secure data destruction meets Department of Defense (DoD) standards and we provide you with a certificate of destruction (CoD).

All assets that we process for your organization can be tracked and verified. You have full visibility into all your assets and you can see that they are disposed of or resold. Our service is R2 certified and we guarantee that none of your equipment will enter a landfill.

Our ITAD Areas of Focus

Certified Data Destruction

Every organization stores sensative information on their devices. We ensure that your data never falls in the wrong hands with our data data destruction that meets DoD standards. For added security, hard drive shredding is available

Asset Collection and Processing

Altnet will tailor the ITAD solution to suit your needs. We will work with your team to coordinate logistics, inventory equipment, provide packaging and provide detailed reporting on how your assets are resold, repurposed or recycled.

Extract Maximum Value

Your organization has made a significant investment in technology. That equipment still has value even when your company no longer needs it. Altnet will help you extract the maximum value from your investment.

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